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What is Lazzus?

Navigate the city and explore your surroundings independently

Lazzus is an assistant that accompanies blind and visually impaired people as they move around, creating an auditory field of vision.

It points out useful things around you, such as pedestrian crossings, street intersections, stairs and businesses, helping you to get around safely and explore your surroundings more intuitively.

It also guides you to places you never thought you’d be able to go without someone’s help.

What sets Lazzus apart?

Icono fuente de datosLazzus uses two complementary and extremely powerful data sources: Google Places (the most up-to-date source in the market) and Open Street Map, which means the information it provides is more accurate and you can discover more places of interest.

Icono búsqueda 100 metrosIt searches a 100-metre radius, which helps you explore because it only highlights information on things that are near you at any given time.

Logo la de OnceLazzus has been tested and approved by the CIDAT, a leading centre for accessibility and support products for the blind, which is run by ONCE, Spain’s association for blind people.
Logo de VodafoneIt received the 2015 Vodafone Foundation "Mobile for Good" Award for Innovation in Communication."
Logo de GoogleIt was also recognised with the 2015 Google Startup Award for mobile innovation.

What Lazzus users have to say...

"I use it on the bus. It’s great how it tells me what street number we’re at."
Gloria Montota (Álava)
"An excellent app! It’s amazing how many places it can recognise. I absolutely recommend it, it is very useful and easy to use."
Miguel Fernández (Madrid)
"A really good app that lets you move around more independently."
Concha de la Fuente (Algeciras)
"This is an excellent app and it is very good for those of us that don’t have any residual vision. I am extremely grateful to the creators [...] in the next update they could add a search button so we can put in an address and go from one place to the other."
Jesús Manuel Muñoz Guisado (Extremadura)

How does it work?

How do you want to explore?

You decide:

Icono modo LinternaBeam mode tells you what there is in whichever direction you are pointing your mobile.

Icono modo 360360º mode highlights everything in your immediate surroundings in every direction.

Icono modo TransporteTransport mode is automatically activated when you travel by bus or car and tells you which streets you are passing, so you never get disorientated.

Personalise your assistant:

What do you want to know and how do you want Lazzus to tell you?

  • Use the filters to get the information you want and filter out what you don’t need to know.
  • Choose how you want to be guided (distance in metres or on a clock face).
  • Select the span and distance of the field of vision.
  • Define the sounds for right and left.

Favourites map

Add your frequently visited places to your favourites map and they will always be there for you to select automatically.

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